CA-SHU-Carr ????


A shot from Brunswick Drive - an old image, but gives a good snapshot of natural fuel loads in the area.,-122.4898335,3a,75y,44.23h,89.84t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1szy8RDjoCAJhJX1O60xg30w!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


Anyone have a radio good feed for Carr?


Has anybody seen an updated perimeter map?



From Twitter in the last hour.


Still spotting and established on both sides of 299. Little town of Keswick is evacuated as well as Old Shasta. Local news and Calfire PIO stated over 28,000 acres. Its near Redding City limits (Swayze Dr, west side) Placer St. also hard closure. Winds were variable but now steadily out of the west (like the last two nights). Lots of manzanita and rolling hills and plenty of draws and chimneys near some large housing subdivisions. I just learned Red Bud Dr. has been evacuated. Red Bud is inside Redding City limits.



Raileys @ Lake St


That’s truly incredible


100 foot wall of fire running down to snow ln


I’m seriously scared for these people.


MODIS Google Earth: Uploaded 1500 7/26/18. Most likely an IR from earlier in the day.


More homes than I care to count. Urban interface. Note: Per earlier report Snows Lane in relation to this IR from earlier today. Fire is most likely much farther into city now. :worried:


West Redding is about to look like Santa Rosa did last fall unless something changes in a hurry…


Anyone have a spot weather forecast for redding?


KRCR Ch 7 on live with evac info.


dan…do you have a link?



No. But they are on line. Im watching on tv. Google them.


This sort of fire behavior at 2200 local is… astounding. We might have to consider this the new normal.