CA-SHU-Carr ????


Not to mention it’s still July, stay safe out there folks…





Fully involved structures reported in the Sunset West/Court neighborhood.


Any confirmation on Sunset Ct?


No, just heard a snippet on the scanner. Haven’t heard anything more.


Just evacuated the KRCR news station in Redding


KRCR is continuing broadcast the feeds from two camera. They indicated that the upper frame is from the top of Mercy Medical Center. That camera is pointed over toward Benton Field (airport)…you can see the beacon. You can see various plumes of dark smoke pop-up and then die back down after some minutes. I suppose that the dark plumes are structures burning.


Does anybody know if houses on Boston ave off placer are gone?


Live Facebook feed


Thanks for the link , but it doesn’t answer the question . Plus I don’t have FB


Sorry, wasn’t trying to answer your question, just trying to put all the intel out there that I could. JHilliard also put another live feed in the IA thread.


It’s also a FB feed.



My bad thank you for the link


Heavy structure loss reported in the Lake Keswick, Quartz Hill and Lake Redding Estates areas.


Any talks of closing i5? How close is it to interstate?


Nowhere close to I5. I don’t think it really made it east of the railroad tracks. Maybe a few spots east of tracks that are controlled.


Thanks NorCalscan. Headed north today


Anyone know of any XSA units headed to Carr fire?