CA-SHU-Carr ????


Probably won’t see anything new from sac city being sent with three rigs already out. Can’t speak for metro.


Anyone have any idea what the fire front is doing right now? How active is it still? Not seeing much out there about current fire conditions.


Following a journalist down there who is streaming live. Looks like the inversion is still in place. Not a lot of activity at the moment.


Yeah been watching but wasn’t sure of the whole picture. Thank you


Same. I’ll text him and see what he can see


Matt sent me this. He’s looking toward the head.


Says aircraft are beginning to work the area.


Aircraft have been up in the last hour.


Jhillard, how about a link to his feed?


Did they get the spot on the west side of whiskeytown picked up?

CA-SHU-Carr (contained)

My bad. Here is his FB page.

#96 here is another one



Is there an IAP for today? Or comm plan


CAL FIRE posts theirs to the public NIFC ftp site.


Any scanner feed of the incident? Not hearing command or air.


Simple plan fight fire, and protect structures


Has only partially worked so far.
Not throwing shade. Lots of people and stuff protected.


Can residents along Clear Creek Rd east of Placer Rd in the area of Ono make egress down to Platina safely? Is there a cut off where people need an earlier trigger (warning for evac) just in case this thing pushes?


Dr. Daniel Swain of Weather West blog thinks we may have seen an actual fire tornado yesterdlay.