CA-SHU-Carr ????


I would believe it by the way the debris was thrown around. Trash cans way in yards trees and brown house debris across roads.


Ops asked for Div X and Y to alert to any fire in sections 8,9,10 for T31N, R6W, which is the end of Zogg Mine Road and Horse Canyon Road area north of Igo. Fire in those sections will trigger new evacs further south. Otherwise yes, Platina road (ditchbank as the locals call it) out from Igo towards Platina/Hwy36 has no impact from fire so far.


EDIT: No longer live apparently as of 1545

KTVU live feed.


Multiple references on Command Net last night during the event to “currently experiencing/witnessing a fire tornado”. I believe it was either Shasta or South Structure Group, their voices had the hint of “what are we facing.” Others referred to the column leaning very heavy and rotating.


There is some video on twitter of something similar


I’m hearing they are starting to evacuate Hilltop Dr. Has anyone else heard this?


As of 1515


Hilltop is not being evacuated at this time I am on Hilltop at the Rivertrail the Fire is off to the West no visible smoke or fire in the Redding area of town most businesses on Hilltop are closed


Cosumnes Fire punched out a type three as part of Task Force 4277. We have five engines out right now.


Redding Airport is being set up as a logistics base for the fire.


May I ask what other units are with you? Stay safe


UC Davis (TFLD), I’m the TFLD(t) from CSM, one type three from CSM, one type three from AMC, one type one from TRY, one water tender from CCF, and one water tender from MQT.


Fire to bump Placer Rd. at Secluded Valley Dr. in 30 minutes. All resources in the division pulling out to Placer Rd. to try and make a stand.


Any scanners still working? @norcalscan?


Thank you, appreciate the info.


Looks like the fire is letting up in town, but new problems brewing north and south.


I’m not trying to criticize but wondering what the deal is here because this fire still seems very active out in the brush and it would seem they still need the golfs and charlies? Or did they just have so many because Redding was being impacted and they are excess? Or is everything just spread that thin that they have to rob an existing fire to support a new one? Or a combination?


Does anybody have info if the fire has hit Shasta Lake City, my aunt was evacuated Friday morning ?


Resources are thin and sometimes decisions have to be made to move equiomentnt to where the need is. The Mendo fires present a significant risk and don’t have enough resources so moving resources, even if they are still needed is necessary.


Rotating column from the air