CA-SHU-Carr ????


Another way to see this, is where are the resources most effective at the given moment? This beast will do the exact same thing whether those crews or engines are there or not (in the broad sense) vs a couple Golfs and a Charlie could be considered the bulk of an entire Division on a smaller fire. Scale and big-picture effectiveness. It’s why tanker diverts to IA are so common, get the fires while they’re small.


There are lots of Private resources sitting waiting for the call


@norcalscan what burn scar are we looking at right south of Shasta Bally peak?

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Can anyone explain if the detections (MODIS & VIIRSI) are showing artifact or is the fire this big? Just trying to better understand all of the tools out there today.

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Artifact in the southwest corner of that. See where those hits are in a straight lined pattern of sorts in bottom left part of that? That part is artifact/smoke column detection. It gets more accurate where MODIS and VIIRS start to compliment each other and group up in thick red in that diagonal line NW to SE that you can see…


I took this from County Line Road about 3 miles south of 299 on Tuesday afternoon. Lots of fuel up there ready to go. A few more miles down is a really great old growth ponderosa grove that I hope makes it. I believe the Whiskeytown module has done some work around it in the last few years.


Does anyone have the status of the Veterans Cemetery?

CA-SHU-Carr (contained)

Does anyone know what is happening just south of Shasta Dam? Is it holding at the rivet?

CA-SHU-Carr (contained)

Re: win River, Is this true or fb chatter rumor??

CA-SHU-Carr (contained)

Win-River left or evacuated on there own accord it was not MANDATORY




Did they loose visibility? seems that they shut down almost all aircraft ops?


South helco just launched a couple rotor wing to clover dip. Must have some of it back.


500 structures

CA-SHU-Carr (contained)


Are you stating an official number? Or is it unconfirmed?


500 structures destroyed. They haven’t updated this number since this morning, I imagine there’s more


That was the number CAL FIRE released this morning:

Obviously, DINS is still in progress, and that number will change.

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Inversion grounded


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Does anyone know if the fire is still burning into Redding or have they got a line up?