CA-SHU-Carr ????


Units are being emergency demob’d to go to the Mendocino Complex. STC XNE4103C is one of these.


The entire Redding side I believe is in patrol status currently. That side has been blessed so far to escape the wind influences. It means it is still dangerous, hot spots can flare up, pieces can reignite, islands of unburnt fuel can still torch off etc. But there is no flame “front” or spread as we saw earlier. A lot of this area is urban, so there isn’t much “dozer line” declaring control. It’s more of street to street, ensuring structures are out cold so if they reignite they won’t throw embers into unburnt fuel etc.


Okay thank you so much for what your doing the updates are awesome keep it up!


Where is the ICP for this incident?



Shasta County Fairgrounds in Anderson, CA


@FireBCKev how did the actual Hoadley radio site look? I heard they got retardant but I couldn’t keep track of the iron work up there.


It looked pretty good, they punched the line up and around the back side of the site and widened it out quite a bit. The front side has the access road up to the tower, so they couldn’t really improve that. The plan was to widen the hoadley pk rd past the repeater and open up the adjoining ridgeline. The must’ve had a crew working back in there at some point because there were quite a few dropped trees around the site. And retardant was dropped. There’s quite a bit more resources on today’s plan for div F, so if they can finish that dozer line and get it plumbed, we should be looking pretty good for everything below the repeater site back down to 299W


@radio_N6CKV plenty of FM broadcast, TV 7 and 9, and I believe the W6STA 146.640 is up there. All on the air. You can see the Shasta WR6TV Amateur TV as well with live amateur radio video from Bally.


@norcalscan can’t thank you enough again for the great updates!!!


Is there a confirmation on the Hwy 3 closure? Caltrans is showing it open. Calfire is showing it closed. Anyone have first hand info? Thanks!


3 is open. Where are you seeing that CAL FIRE shows it open?


Calfire has it partially inside their closed area, between Trinity Dam Road and Rush Creek Road. Caltrans is showing it open. That’s where the confusion came in. Thanks for the info.


CARLA system 25 is there, and that’s a hub for NorCal, so their link north is cut off.


The web site for the CARLA ham radio system is


Does anyone know if the Washington Mine that is west of French Gulch has burned? If not are they going to let the fire burn into that area till it meets where it has already burned?


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My son worked the north end of the fire today. They worked all day on the line, then the winds came up sending spot fires over the line in many areas that they could not catch. So now they are on a 24 and will be back burning the adjacent ridge in hopes of stopping it. Update: winds got squirly, burn cancelled.


It is in French Gulch now. They we prepping a dozer Line in Divisions “F” and “D” trying to get ahead of the possible wind event. The box is just east of Lewiston. The crews and dozers are putting in serious work!


How about that, I did not think it had been in French Gulch since the first or second day. The active section of this fire just keeps changing day by day.


Update 8/2/2018 9:40 p.m. from Lewiston Fire Chief

From Chief Mel Deardorff:

Today started out with large smoke columns on the hills way across from the Plug 'n Jug. This was due to allowing the fire to burn up to a dozer line that was put in the night before. It did look really bad from the valley floor. The dozer line was strengthened during the day by retardant being dropped on the line to make it even less flammable.
By early afternoon, the two sky crane helicopters continued to drop more retardant until 4 pm, when they had to leave due to FAA rules. Just before sunset tonight larger aircraft were brought in to pour more retardant on the dozer line to keep the fire down during the night. Also during tonight, we will be watched over by crews who are working really hard on the lines and law enforcement who are here preventing any looting or more shenanigans.

Choppers will be back in the air by 10 in the morning. Looking forward to the end of this.

We are hearing rumors about more evacuations in Lewiston - not true. And fires burning homes on Skinner Hill - not true. Please, if you have NOT confirmed your information, DO NOT post it. Unconfirmed reports cause undue panic and concern. Do not be part of the problem. Be part of the solution.

Thanks and good night. Chief Deardorff