Cal Fire Crew Cuts


If an inmate is in the bathroom for a half hour then there’s problems with the way the crew being ran…Coming from a former Crew Capt…


I thought this thread was about hair styles.


One of my seasonsal employees just left Salt Creek about 9 months ago. It was his third tour as a CDC firefighter. He said the contraband and drug use in the camps is the most he had ever seen. A lot of that has to do with the low level felons being housed at county jail or on AB 109 and never making it to the fire crews.


That’s to bad to hear contraband is on the rise.


Yeah, all that’s going to do is get them rolled up and sent back to prison with additional charges.


No disrespect intended @SmokeyBehr…as you and I speak the same lingo, but we know , because of everything discussed in this thread,Prop. xyz, AB xyz… The fellas don’t get “rolled up” anymore( VERY rarely).

Roll ups ( insert dates of service) used to be things like " back to the Ville, 90 days C status " for a phone, 30 days depending on a substance etc. Modern day, gets a change of zip code.
If you would like explanation of the vocabulary, feel free to pm me and I will explain definitions.

To keep trained individuals at the smart end of a tool,Reviews, sentences and processes have changed over the years .

Again, ( not directed at you @SmokeyBehr) , but unless you know things for fact ( what happens in a bathroom), don’t speculate. It comes back to that analogy of the word assume.


There are thousands and thousands of willing would be firefighters that just lack the training, equipment and transportation just accross the southern border. Might be a bit of language barrier but willing to work in the states for a chance to live here at a later date. Just sayin. A brand new immigration program (yet to be developed) could solve the issue. Pay these lads a respectible wage and only permit them to stay in the program a limited time say max five years, and let them walk away with a permanent green card or citizenship. You probably would not even have to advertise and just take the illeagals already in the states for first few years. Just sayin.


Ya and between that and the Ventura Training Center we can call it the free handout fire department :-1:


Having worked in other regions where private companies handle much of the grunt/mopup work and some hot work as well, I will say that this program is already in place in a big way there.


The Scorpions and Cobras crews are an example of that. The last few times I’ve seen them out, they’re 100% Hispanic from the supes on down


Just look at all of the tree service crews contracted by pg&e, socal Edison, calfire, and the forest service.


Contract crews :-1: you get what you pay for


That is true - so don’t hire lowest bid, and expect to pay enough to cover a livable wage.


Those contract crews work just as hard, if not harder, than the Agency crews.


Feduptaxpayer, Worked with many crews over the yrs. Pls dont lump them all together. Many pvt crews do a great job. Some not so good.
Lets not toss out comments that may be inflammatory.


Lets not forget a lot of the overhead on those crews come from hotshot crews


Bottom Line…If you have Good Crew Captains, Crew Leaders, Sups etc…and they have good or great motivating skills and they can get the crew to work. May it be on going incidents or grade/project work. Then you usually see a highly productive crew with good production on whatever they are doing. It doesn’t matter if its free people or incarcerated…Or it can be the exact opposite…If you been in the Fire Service long enough you have seen both…It’s been my experience that the Crew Capt/Sup dictates how the crew preforms period.


Well said!


CF crews do the dirty work HS crews don’t feel they should do. Have you ever seen a HS crew pull 10,000’ of hose? Not me. A CF crew is only as good as their leader and unfortunately most FCB are weak. The cost and pay difference is what it is, if you dont like what your agency has to offer move on and stop complaining. We can go on and on at what the fed crews do bad and what the state crews do bad but in the end it dont matter. Finish strong and stay safe.


You’re absolutely right HS crews should not be doing that work. You are comparing apples and oranges. You really want to compare CF crew to a hotshot crew. That right there is comical. FYI i have seen plenty of hotshot crews pulling hoes and doing rehab work. Anyone who thinks CF crew is comparable to a HS crew should spend less time behind the keyboard and more time on the line.