Emerging Technology

This thread will be dedicated to emerging technology as it relates to wildland firefighting.

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Hey all, I’m a software developer that’s been working on a wildland firefighting simulator called FireJumpers Inferno. It’s a training tool disguised as a game. I’ve mapped out the entire western United States using GIS data from US Landfire goverment website.

If someone is interested in knowing more, you can view the upcoming game on Steam (release date: Summer 2021):

You can also contact me via:


@jasonredhawk im gonna get you in contact with someone. Can you pm your email?

Awesome! I’m not sure how to PM you on this forum. My email is on the Facebook page.

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Hi. I´m working on a wildfire prediction application using drones as part of my master thesis. If someone is interested in the field and wanna participate providing feedback, feature requests, or could be interested to be a pilot user of the solution when it´s available, let me know.

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Some good stuff here from Quake technologies. They were part of a cool documentary from verizon last fall called the “speed of thought”. This solution for the airforce is also aimed at Smoke jumpers and would be an amazing fit with the TAK suite of tools.

I have always thought ATAK would be such a great tool for Smoke jumpers especially with the Somewear labs plugin to track them where ever they are over sat comms. Maybe this project will expose them to ATAK.

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