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Is there any plans for future updates on the mobile app to allow for notifications? For everyone using the mobile app, are you having notification issues?

Check out this post from 2019 explaining notifications

Mobile App is available for iOS, with ‘watching’ chosen notifications should work with the app. I remember when I had it turned on I was getting blasted with updates on fires so it definitely worked for me in the past.

Yeah I know how it works, my notifications were working last season and stopped suddenly mid season. I know there’s been site wide notification issues in the past. Just trying to figure out if others are still getting notifications through the app.

Notifications haven’t worked dor me either. Last time their certificate or something expired. I do mIss that feature


Yeah, hope they can get this fixed before the season gets going.

Having issues logging in… says i cant sign in under my name at this ip address. had same user nameand password for a year. Started yesterday

off topic anyone having issues logging in? keeps telling me cant log in from ip address. only way is from laptop and request to skip password and send link

I had that login issue, too. Turned on VPN with IP in San Fran and it logged in. Turned vpn off, it remains logged in.

where would i find VPN in my phone? I’m not good with tech.

It’s an internet service you subscribe to.

believe my wife figured it out.

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Had the same issue Friday and Saturday morning, but it went away in the afternoon. No problem today.

deleted and reinstalled app on my phone. same issue. Started Thursday. Still cant log in from my phone but lap top is no issue?

I have no knowledge about smart phones. take a look at the Links topic…maybe some help there. good luck brother

Power off and Restart phone?

I didn’t do anything to fix mine. It was intermittent over two days and then it just went away. (So far)

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To all those who are experiencing issues with the mobile app, we are aware of the issue and are trying to update the app. It’s challenging as we are working with open-source software that isn’t well documented or organized. We hope to have a solution soon but have not made much progress recently.


Would you be able to run this site through a forum app such as Tapatalk?