Telling the truth

It seems that the moderators of this website do not like the truth. Everything I post on my other account is straight the truth. But now my account is suspended. Not sure how long this post will last, but it is a shame that when you post facts, they suspend your account. Looks like some of the moderators need to really do a reality check about a forum relating to fires. Also I have reached out to them with NO ANSWER! They can call me to verify my information, but instead they suspend my account. STAND UP and reach out and talk to your sources that are field going and know what is going on!

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What information are you referring to? I suppose I’m a wee bit lost as to what is going on with your post’s.


they did not tell me what post got my account suspended.

Plus they hide all my post too, so no one can have input about my post.

Probably because your posts are either rude, accusatory, or flat out unprofessional. Just my opinion.


Not when you are telling the truth of what is really going on. Just like the media, dull it down and not tell everyone what is really going on.

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Desertrat. In my observation as a layperson, the purpose of this site, on the IA and Continuing Fires/Incidents threads, is for members of the fire community to have an informal conduit to share useful knowledge. Cross organizationally this is extremely valuable.

Put your ‘truth’ in the appropriate topics and forums. For you, until you know what you are doing, that is Questions and Discussion. Just trust me on this for now.

Do not bump threads on IA or Extended unless you have actual intel - and you may note that people who do this for a living rarely post on those threads unless they have something solid and new to contribute! Think of these two groups as whispers in a dispatch center.

You do not have the right to take up the moderators time with trivia, or to try to get them to give you an education when they are donating their time to run this forum.

What you get into this forum is what you get out of it, and I personally feel you need to do a lot of reading and not much typing until you speak the language a bit better.

Feel free to private message me if you need pointers towards various references and tutorials, most of which you have already paid for as a taxpayer. Best wishes.


Just remember, DR, there’s a difference in posting your raw opinion and then posting a professional post.

Even though this is a website chat, when I was on probation 19 years ago, I had a crusty, yet reputable Captain tell me “God gave you two ears & one mouth to listen twice as much as you talk.”

There’s zero difference on this site. I’m not trying to challenge you; just advise. I hope you have a great day.


$0.02, I’ve learned the hard way countless times, tone goes a long way. Emotion tweaks the tone. It takes a lot of work to carefully remove tone from faceless/silent text on a screen sometimes. Make sure you’re typing while not emotionally charged one way or another. You can still be passionate (and humble) with your opinion, without being emotionally charged. It’s only July and some are probably reaching Snaptember already in amount of work and campaigns so far this season.

This goes on all sides, civilians, professionals, mods, and me.


Along with having adults in the room! To get respect, one must give respect. Temper the brashness of the message and always take a step back and re-read before you hit send. Most of the time after the initial emotion of writing or responding to a post you will realize the first draft isn’t the most appropriate to send. Emotions only get you in trouble, so take a breath and a break before resuming.


As long as we are telling the truth, lets take a look back and have some transparency.

The first post that drew the attention of the moderators was a post about NICC not approving name requests.
So many members of the community flagged your first post that the content was hidden automatically by the system. The Mods did not touch it.
But I’ll put it here

Additionally multiple people from NICC and the GACCs reached out to us to confirm that this was not happening.
We let you run with it, and let the community correct you.

then you posted this

Not real professional, not to mention, you obviously aren’t on this fire, and do not know what the complexities of the incident and are armchair quarter backing from a keyboard.
You were sent a message from a moderator that your post was deleted, and why. You replied with another not so nice reply

July 15

Shame on you. Is the website turning into Facebook? People can’t post the truth of what is going on and then get their account suspended. I thought we can post what is really going on, but I guess you want to sensor the truth. So much for freedom of speech.

At which point your account was suspended for 2 weeks to give you time to cool your heels. Instead you created a new account and started attacking the Mods. This is NOT Facebook, you can not say whatever you want without consequences.


Sort of figured there was a backstory.


Stop playing with my emotions…

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As I see it, we have owners and users. Last time I checked I was a user. If the owners don’t like what I say, I can either take the hint and leave or wait to be suspended.

This all does highlight the value of this site for intel and not just a value to us at home or in station, but the value of intel to the field. High level managers come here for information.

Finally I would like to see this forum continue to be used for debate, however I don’t want to see the forum used to attack people or agencies/departments. I will be the first to raise my hand to say I’ve made this mistake. It’s a fine line, however I think we all know how best to navigate the issues. I think it’s a common sense approach and I will offer an example. If I was to attack Zeke because of incorrect data or a Met because of an incorrect forecast, that’s just plain stupid and the mods should correct me. If we mount a campaign against Mcklintock because of his unskilled comments about firefighters, or the administration because 1k won’t cut it, that’s fair game. We must support the mods when they make these in the moment decisions to delete or allow. I’ve been on the wrong side a couple times with this site and the former site, However I said my peace one on one, I disagreed, but I moved on and I am still here.

Great work wildfireintel and thanks.




Thank you for providing “the truth” along with some context and back story! So much to be said for rereading a post prior to posting and letting cooler heads prevail. This along with some tact (which I myself have lacked at times) will go a long way. And we still have A LONG WAY TO GO with this “fire season”.

Best to all.


I’ve learned not to engage with the whiners since they seem to want the attention. Maybe if we all just ignored them they’d (at best) go away or (at least) their posts would sink to the bottom. Somebody’s always dissatisfied and hoping for an audience. Thanks Mods for all you do.


Can one of the Mods please make an adjustment to my username so it doesn’t get confused with the one in question here? I would like to put an LV in front of it if possible. Thank you.


So far this year I have been on the Salt, Beckworth and now the Dixie fire. I am not so sure that Desertrat maybe all that wrong. Maybe the way he said it was little brash but he is not the only ones mentioning conspiracy ideas. I was going to say a lot more with examples but it was long winded. All I am saying is that if what he said offended anyone who has been in the fire service longer then a year then I am getting old and the snowflakes have truly taken over.


In CA-BTU-Dixie?? Thread:

REALLY?! This post was flagged as inappropriate? What happened to people?

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Can the one of the mods adv how many times a post must be flagged for it to be hidden. I can’t believe more than one person on the Dixie Q&D thread flagged those two posts. Maybe explain the process that occurs when 1, 2, 3 etc…people flag post. What occurs?

Either those 2 posts were flagged accidental (can you unflag a post?) or there is a troll among us.

Edit: Okay, the the ongoing Dixie got hit…I say a troll…