WildFire Intel Censorship or Content Moderation?

The mods just placed a label “Ignorant Content” and removed one of my posts. As of now my posting name is still on the thread, members see the flagg "removed ignorant content! Any chance I earned that based on past honest fact based criticism of Agency policy and handling of specific situations? This is just the most recent of several such incidents over the years. If I called a fellow member “ignorant” which is clearly implied by their label I would be rightfully suspended. Comments critical of certain agencies seem to get a very different arbitrary and capricious editing standards. I am 100% advocate that the IA and Continuing threads must stay direct relevant details to the incident , and even the Q&D to initial developing incidents prior to an IA thread being established.

The Q & D was created back in the day to voice more open questions to promote discussion. I was told I posted ignorant content when stating Cal Fire is a very secretive organization in regards to real time mapping data and that seems odd in our progressive state. I have reason to request reports including Contract Schedule A areas several times each year. It is now centralized and takes weeks, very often over a month. Nothing provided at the local level. When they are conducting a Origin and Cause Investigation nothing at all is released until the report is finalled often more than a year later. Their investigations alter the scenes often to the point that Insurance investigators have nothing to work with after they allow entry. So I am not ignorant on this subject and my comment was based on experience.

The Mods. volunteer tremendous time to making this forum work. That is very appreciated however, they seem totally blind to the dissatisfaction of many members of the level and bias editing in Q&D in the name of “civility”. No discussion that is not in support of Agency Policy and Action is permitted in a “Discussion” platform. There huge issues in wildfire management and suppression and hiding honest discussion will only make them worse.

Unlike private companies that at the end of the day either make a profit or go out of business, Government Agencies get to set their own evaluation matrixes. It is only through public input, questions and discussions that they are exposed to anything other than their agency culture. My agency was no different, but at least my perception was we were much more open to criticism.

This is in no way bashing the forum or Mods. I hope folks can cively share their thoughts on this issue. I have had posts that earned like ribbons only later to be anonymously deleted. I have received dozens of direct messages from members with the same and often stronger issues. Without reflection and objective criticism any Information Media PLatform will eventually lose all credibility. An open conversation can only strengthen credibility.


I think the label says IGNORED CONTENT, not ignorant.


“I think the label says IGNORED CONTENT, not ignorant.”



Post it in general discussion where its supposed to be instead of in an active fire q&d thread.


Tell me bout it, brother! Not a lot of love for small town muni firemen here… SMH


it was neither and it is clearly implied at the poster

Why are they removing post that are telling the truth and letting people really know what is going on. I am about over it and going to follow in Donald Trumps footsteps and open a true free forum for people to comment on. I am sure this post will get flagged instantly, just showing how they want to censorship what people say and hear.

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“……telling the truth and letting people know what is really going on…. “ is the part that is problematic for me these days, everybody seems to have some kind of agenda or ax to grind. This site is a great resource for those of us that might find ourselves responding to an incident and having as much background information as possible. General discussion is where this belongs but often wonder if it’s better suited to Facebook or Twitter’s



Don’t be too quick to knock Twitter. The comments there can be a real shitstorm, but, as much as I hate to admit it, a well curated feed can provide more timely info than any other digital source.


The censoring is getting out of hand again. I seem to remember that being an issue when the old site was shut down. These days if someone disagrees with your assessment, the comments like “This is an INTEL site and words matter”, or " other people read this", or “silly post” start up. All these people that put other people down for their choice of words are so quick to make sure their opinions are revered, all while making broad assumptions about the lack of experience or even first hand knowledge of those they disagree with.
High post counts do not equate to experience, intelligence or knowledge. Come down of your high horses and let people use the words they want to use, not just the words you want them to use.


There was no reason for that many people to jump down that persons throat for that comment when they posted this morning, one person was well intentioned then people needlessly added on, I don’t know why people like to pile on like that. To me it’s insulting to do that to a person.

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Particularly for well-intentioned new users that may be learning the ropes, I’d consider a private message first. Praise in public, correct in private.


Even so, just because someone is a “new” user of the site, does not mean they don’t know what they are talking about. In that particular case, I agreed with the poster that it “looks like it had exploded”, due to the strong column that was already building at 0700. Why should someone be admonished, publicly or privately, for their assessment based on their post count?
I try to refrain from assuming anything about anyone.


This site is one of the very few remaining that because of self-moderation and accountability still has reliable intelligence on fires. This isn’t Facebook or Twitter whose sites are littered with a thousand self-described “journalists” and fire experts who spew all sorts of bad information. Sure, you can find good information there but you have to weed through a thousand posts to figure out what is good and bad – and readers have to have the experience to be able to make that judgement call. That doesn’t help those looking for intel on a fire. I know from personal experience how many near-by residents read the content here looking for solid advice. They don’t find it on the other platforms so they come here. What many of us don’t want is for this to become Facebook or Twitter with folks posting all sorts of incorrect, overstated, or misinformed information because it’s their right.
“Come down of your high horses and let people use the words they want to use, not just the words you want them to use.” Well, we will agree to disagree. I will certainly disagree with your assumption that I believe I am on a high horse, but I do believe strongly that words do matter. This is not Facebook. This world is getting so full of people who want to say whatever they want because “it is their right.” You can yell fire, but if people get trampled you can pay the piper. I didn’t look at the OP’s join date or post count – and frankly don’t care cause it doesn’t tell me anything. I looked at the picture they posted and matched the picture with the description they used. The term “Censorship” is different from “moderated site” and it is certainly different from “accountability.” This site needs to maintain accountability over what is stated to retain its reliability. You can ask many folks on here if they have received a friendly DM note about what not to say – and all are very nice and thankful. I guess I should have done that in this case too, but sometimes I get tired of fighting the battle on each fire. So, that part was bad on my part. On the rest, I guess we agree to disagree.


Anyone familiar with the concept of a Collaboration Facilitator? It’s a person skilled in helping groups master online virtual interaction to enhance the collaboration between the teams. It’s not a moderator, but more of a guide, shephard, role model and expert in human to human interaction in crisis focussed real time chat spaces. Might be a useful role here.

First post by the way. New to this forum (Hi Everyone!!), 20+ years as a virtual crisis facilitator in many other chat forums.


Well good luck buddy. Lots of hurt feelings here. No respect for the small town firemen. I like to think I’m a crisis facilitator as I’m currently going thru my second divorce :rofl::tropical_drink:


The post you are referring to was my response. First, I was just coming off the line in the Georgetown area and reading through the intel while we got fuel. I was monitoring this incident channels so, me responding to a completely inaccurate post was well within my right because I was there.

At the time, many citizens that live in the area were very concerned. My point when I asked “what was the point of that post” was valid.

It served no purpose to anyone, civilians or otherwise. When we were headed IA to this fire I was searching for intel, maps and frequencies. So, don’t post dumb s—t, it scares people and wastes time for those of us that use this site for actual incidents.

Plus, when did everyone become so freaking sensitive! It wasn’t even a bad reply!


If you are looking for intel, go to the IA thread. If people keep getting beat down every time a keyboard bully disagrees with their words, people won’t post anything. Just look at the lack of IA participation. People would rather say nothing than have a bunch of higher-than-thou’s jump their sh!t over the choice of one word.
There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone’s assessment. Insulting people because you think you are better than them is wrong.
I loathe bullies. Whether they are the keyboard kind, or the playground kind. Funny how no one bullies me to my face these days.


Well if you thought that was insulting or bullying my apologies sir. I however, disagree that the very small comment I left was either. And I am glad no one bullies you to your face, you must be very tough.

The point was, the citizens that read the forum are already going through a very traumatic experience within their respective communities. Try to think about the people we serve and not yourself.

We are all entitled to our opinions and although I disagree with yours, I respect it.

Additionally, if the mods deem this a flagable post, I won’t get my feelings hurt when they remove it……….