AA ordering 2 LATs, 3 VLATs, and an invitation for any S2s with trainees.
(Update: Per north-ops, only S2-traniee is smoked in at Chico, will revisit if air gets good enough to lift.)


1200: KCRA3 copter is up on Branch 11 and 10. Live video


5 type 1 rotors at Chester airport, I’m assuming they are assigned to the camp incident


AA requesting Chinook out of MCC.
Edit: Additionally, request 2 S2s out of Grass Valley.


Yes - they were working Branch 11 and their route back to Oroville Helibase was impacted and had to be escorted by Helco to Chester. There’s talk of keeping the type 1’s at Chester for a second helibase to avoid the smoke.


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Tankers 88&89 inbound from GV to do what they do best, work in tight spaces, narrow canyons, and bad air.


6pm media update, Tues Nov 13
130,000 acres, 35% contained
Totals are up to 8,817 structures destroyed (7600 SFD residences, 95 Multi-Fam, 263 commercial and 859 others)
148 structures damaged (86 residential, 32 commercial and 30 others damaged)

  • It was a good day for aircraft work
  • lots of line constructed today
  • tomorrow winds shift upslope and light. conditions becoming favorable for rain around Thanksgiving.
  • rules being reviewed for eventual re-entry. residents are reminded no power, no water, no phone, no 911… lots of hazards, return at your own risk…
  • trees near and around residences are being marked for eventual removal any tree marked P1 is an immediate danger hazard and may fall, P2 is potential danger and will also eventually be removed by falling crews.
    … continued below


evening update continued…
Last night evacuations were lifted for Thermalito.
Sheriff personnel have responded to 208 calls of suspicious persons in the burned area, 18 were specifically reported as “looting”. Yesterday 2 men were arrested in the evacuated area for possession of illegal possession of firearms and controlled substances. 3 other arrests reported for theft, possession of stolen property & looting.
Sheriff will publish a list of all names reported missing or unaccounted for so people who are okay, but don’t know someone is looking for them can report in and resolve any search for them. Additional teams have been ordered to assist the completion of the search for human remains so clearing the area can be expedited for re-entry.
Today in the burn area an additional 6 human remains were recovered in Paradise inside homes. Total confirmed deaths is 48.


The IR folks flew early today (11/13/2018), around 6pm, so here are new maps. Things continue to cool down on most of the fire, with the exceptions being some growth above Helltown, south of Cherokee, on Bloomer Hill, in the Feather River Canyon, and up toward Stirling City, where a large burning operation is under way.

Blue lines on these images show the perimeter from the previous IR flight, on 11/12/2018 at 10 pm.

Assets at risk on Bloomer Hill:


That’s a lot of Tomato Plants.


List of missing people :frowning:

If you see anyone on the list who is no longer missing please contact us so their name can be removed. Staff working the Missing Persons Task Force can be reached from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM at: 530-538-6570, 530-538-7544, 530-538-7671.

If you are unable to call during those hours please email:


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I made some images today from LANDSAT satellite data. These show the heat signature of the fire at 1pm on the first day of the fire, 11/8/2018.


2130: Foxtrot One One is over the fire, which I believe is a CNG Drone operation operating out of Corning. Working with Ops and DIVS on live IR video feeds to support some operations.

TFR out of Corning surface to 11,000ft, then a corridor from 10,000 to 13,000ft from Corning over to the Fire TFR.

edit 2200: NIROPS N149Z over the fire mapping now. Came out of Santa Barbara and mapped the VNC/LAC incidents, then up to the HUU fire then over here and on to Reno for RON.


Foxtrot 1-1 is the Boeing Scan Eagle Drone from Insitu -

Great asset.



AA requesting 2 LATs that can land loaded.


Unmanned mission (F11) in the air, operator/pilot requesting priorities for the evening.


Cal Fire Ops Update afternoon 11/16/18:
142,000 acres, 45% contained

  • expects line in Stirling City area (Div U, Div Y) to be tied in and secure within 24 hrs
  • still prepping for burn operation in Branch X (DivCC, DivMM) when conditions are right
  • Berry Creek area utilized boats for accessing remote portions of fire across the lake
  • good solid black line in Hwy 99 area all the way up hwy 32.
  • over 5,500 firefighters assigned
  • mop up continues in the interior areas. Along with utility repairs, there are thousands of dangerous trees to be dealt with prior to repopulating the burned areas. “Its gonna be a while”


Evening Media briefing 11/16/18
146,000 acres, 50% contained.

  • destroyed structures 9,700 SFD, 144 multi-fam, 7 mixed comm, comm 336, other 2,076… total of 12,263 destroyed structures. ( and an additional 368 damaged structures)
  • red flag expected sat night/sun aft. 40-50 mph on tops of slopes and in aligned drainages. Not as extensive as last week, but is an area of concern.
  • Air quality will remain poor tomorrow, slight improvement over weekend.
  • Major shift in weather with low pressure arriving next week. Expected rain Weds and Thanksgiving, up to an inch or more.
  • 50 additional engines brought in for contingency in Berry Creek area in preparaton for weather change.
  • Officer involved shooting that occurred last night is still under investigation. DA is reviewing dash cam video taken during incident. What is depicted on the video is consistent with the statements made previously.
  • Missing persons, 329 individuals have been accounted for so far. (102 increase today) The list of missing persons reports has been increased to over a thousand today. It includes email reports, 911 calls in initial evacuation event, current calls made into system and all reports made to the Sheriffs office over the entire event. They expect there will be many duplicate names, because more than one person reported the same person missing, or a person has been reported missing by more than one method. Many of the people on the list may be safe somewhere and they just don’t know someone reported them missing. Evacuees can assist the Sheriff in this process if the check the list to see if they have been listed missing and report in as “safe” so they can be cleared from the list.
  • An additional 8 human remains were recovered today, 7 found in Paradise, 1 in Magalia, all were found inside structures. Total confirmed deceased is 71 individuals. Of the 71 total, they have tentatively identified 58 and are awaiting DNA testing results.