State ID: Ca
3 letter designator: TGU
Fire name: Ranch
Location: Colyear springs road near the burrows ranch
Reported acres: 10-15 Per air attack
Rate of spread: Moderate
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat:
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Air attack requested 2 additional tankers and a type 2 helo



Pretty good column building on the Tuscan Butte cam. has the scanner audio. @norcalscan

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AA ordering 2 additional type 2 copters.


Shu toning out an immediate need Charlie

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LNU immediate need as well

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NEU sending imm. Need ST also just now

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NEU now sending a dozer ST


150 acres with active spotting and transitioning from brush into timber. Believe it’s going from SRA to FRA but a local will need to chime in.


Per AA starting to “pick up…REALLY pick up a head of steam”

250 acres @ 1532

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This thing is all SRA, not heading into any FRA without a combination of massive wind change and eight hours. It’s just south of the earlier season Red Bank incident. Like the Red Bank, it’s going to be stubborn with the terrain and logistics due to remoteness from the valley. Lots of VMP burns in the past so lots of old dozer lines to open up and go indirect with a larger box.

Scancal live scanner is in TGU Incident mode now, Air Ground and Command 7 on priority over local nets.


Weather: Not much WX station resolution in this area.
Winds expected to come out of the WNW tonight it looks like, back to N wind tomorrow.

PGE Dream Valley Rd - due south of incident, slightly sheltered in terrain. Lower elevation

PGE Ridge Road - much lower in the valley, east and slightly north of incident. Can give an indication of any eastern flank conditions if this thing gets any lower.

Eagle Peak RAWS - southwest of incident, 1500ft higher elevation but more midslope, not ridgetop.

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Rough acreage from Copter 205 puts it at 446.


Looked big from north of Redding this afternoon. ST from Humboldt County headed east at approx 1800, including Kneeland Helitack’s tender.


446 Acres

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I was on the Red Bank Fire and thinking about the area this fire is in. There are many contingency dozer lines from the red bank Fire in place, possibly a little further away than ideal, but this is not easy terrain by any means. I got called to go up for station coverage for TGU in the morning.

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8 Charlie’s for day shift tomorrow

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