CA-TGU-Red Bank??


With all these names and places being mentioned (Pettyjohn, Cottonwood Creek, Sunflower Truck Trail) I’m having flashbacks to the Skinner Mill Fire in 1976. Its was my first STEN assignment and I have one engine each from 5 different units. We fought a lot of fire after we anchored in on Elk Horn Peak with some logger’s dozers I’d hired on the way in.


Has there been any discussion about a team?


Starting this thread for Q & D.

Mods, can you move thread from General Discussion here?

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Any word on activating a team for this incident?


Where is staging?


Three Charlie ST enroute from R-IV. One from XNE, XYO, and OES Type 3’s out of XSA. 0700 report to briefing.


Don’t know where staging is but briefing will be at the Tehama Fair Grounds in Red Bluff.


OES T3 ST from XSA leaving at 2200 for 0700 report time


Any possible needs for Type 6’s?


En route to the Red Bank incident, limited info except this forum. Anyone have frequencies?

CA-TGU/SHU-Area lightning??

It’s all Calfire IA at the moment, Command 7 Tone 2. Tomorrow expect at least A/G to change.

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Hey what are golfs, limas and Charlie’s?

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Charlies: Engines
Golfs: Crews
Limas: Dozers



Charlies: Engines (5 type 3)
Golfs: Crews (2 crews)
Limas: Dozers (2 dozers)

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What they said… Here’s more, copied from scancal:

Engine Striketeams
(five of same type engine, one battalion chief leader)

Type A: Type 1 Engines
(fullsize structure, 1000GPM, 400gal tank, staffed 4)
Type B: Type 2 Engines
(midsized multipurpose, 500GPM, 400gal tank, staffed 3)
Type C: Type 3 Engines
(4x4 wildland high-clearance, 120GPM, 300gal tank, staffed 3)
Type D: Type 4 Engines
(pickup frames, 50GPM, 200gal tank, staffed 3)

Hand Crew Striketeams
(two 16person crews totalling 32persons at minimum, crew captains, striketeam leader)

Type G: No restrictions on use and has dedicated fireline construction training. These consist of CDC/CYA creqs, USFS/BLM/NPS/BIA Hotshot Crews, and TSI crews.
Type H: Restricted use which usually includes no hotline fire line construction, limited in the amount of line they can construct per hour, and requires training on the incident before they go out. These crews are Blue Card crews, Volunteer Hand Crews, crews organized on the spot, mixed-agency crews etc.

Dozer Striketeams
(2 dozers with their transports and 1 dozer tender with mechanic)

Type K: Heavies (D-7 and D-8 cats)
Type L: Mediums (D-5 and D-6 or equivalent)
Type M: Lightweights (D-4 or equivalient


These last four post belong here in the Questions & Discussion thread. Let’s make sure to keep the information on Initial Attack thread based on current conditions, actions, needs and evacuation information. Your questions are always welcome but be sure to locate them in the proper thread. Thanks


Are there any good online scanner feeds for this incident? TIA

#18 has command, air fm and air/ground on priorities for this fire. MP3 stream so will need to use WinAmp, Itunes etc on desktop or an app like VLC on mobile. You can type in directly into an mp3 streamer to get going.


Thanks for the info, much appreciated! Can’t get it to work on iPhone. I’ve tried Safari, Chrome, Aloha and VLC. I must be missing something?


in the VLC app on iPhone (orange icon with white traffic cone), click the cone in upper left, select network Stream, then in the grey bar up top with a sample URL, type in